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Upcoming Grant Deadlines

  • TBD
    WCB Habitat Enhancement and Restoration Program (HERP)
    Application accepted on a continuous basis
    Categories of HERP projects include but are not limited to, habitat restoration (e.g. forest, desert, grassland), wildlife corridors and fisheries enhancement.
  • The CDFW Proposition 1 Restoration Grant program
    Mar 19, 12:40 PM
    Will fund large scale wildfire response and prevention work, including 1. Fuel reduction 2. Native, fire-resistant understory vegetation restoration 3. Sediment basin construction 4. Prevention of upslope erosion 5. Restoration of riparian habitat 6. Improvement of water quality for aquatic species
  • The Coalitions and Collaboratives AIM Grant
    Mar 11, 11:40 AM
    Supports capacity building funding for organizations in the areas of: Personnel, Planning efforts, Reduction of hazardous fuels, and Equipment under $5,000.
  • FEMA Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC)
    Jan 29, 12:00 PM
    Capability and capacity-building to enable them to identify mitigation actions and implement projects that reduce risks posed by natural hazards. reduce risk from natural hazards with a focus on critical services and facilities, public infrastructure, public safety, public health, and communities