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The Regional Forest and Fire Capacity Program (RFFCP) seeks to increase regional capacity to prioritize, develop, and implement projects that improve forest health and fire resiliency, facilitate greenhouse gas emissions reductions, and increase carbon sequestration in forests throughout California. Block grants are utilized by recipients to support regional implementation of landscape-level forest health projects consistent with the California Forest Carbon Plan and Executive Order B-52-18.


For the purposes of this program, a “region” is the area served by an individual block grant recipient. “Landscape-level” means “a heterogeneous area within a region that contains multiple and interacting land uses, watersheds, and ecosystems.” Under this definition of “landscape-level,” a landscape is not defined by its size; rather, it is defined by its structures and functions. 

The Regional Forest and Fire Capacity Program is a California Natural Resources Agency program administered by the Department of Conservation.


The RFFCP is a grant program funded by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC). The SNC is implementing this grant in the seven Sierra Nevada Strategic Investment Plan (SNSIP) geographies and the Eastern Sierra (Inyo, Mono, and Alpine counties) is one of those awardees. Whitebark Institute is the leadership organization for this geography and is tasked with implementing the program. The approach is individualized for each geography, seeking to build on existing collaborative efforts, to address the geography’s specific needs, and to support local leadership.

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