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March 10, 2022

INF Climate Change Trend Summary Presentation, Operational Resilience in Western US Frequent-fire Forests Presentation

February 10, 2022

Proposed Actions Presentation and Discussion

January 13, 2022

Project Milestone Updates and Ad Hoc Team Presentations: Finance & Marketing and Project Prioritization

November 18, 2021

Project Milestone Updates and Ad Hoc Team Presentations: Rx Fire Workforce, Forest Restoration Workforce, and Research & Monitoring

October 14, 2021

Summer Recap, Funding Updates, and Needs Assessment Ad Hoc Team Presentations: Biomass and Outreach & Education

May 27, 2021

Needs Assessment Introduction Presentation & G&O Continued

Stakeholder Action  Items

  • Send your organization’s logo to Kelsey to be displayed on the Stakeholder Information page

  • Review the current version of the G&O document and submit any final revisions to Kelsey

  • Partners that have parcels that warrant additional consideration should send the parcel information along with rational for inclusion to Kelsey

  • Sign up for Ad Hoc Focal Team(s) by 6/15/2021 to not miss out.

Meeting Presentations

April 15, 2021

Needs Assessment Kickoff with Lessons Learned Panel Discussion

March 11, 2021

Project Goals Continued, Introduction of Draft Objectives, & Multi-Jurisdictional Land Inclusion Discussion

Stakeholder Action  Items

Click the button below to download the March 11 draft Goals & Objectives document. Plumas Corp is currently working with the INF to incorporate edits discussed at the March 11 Meeting and will circulate a final draft soon. 

January 14, 2021

Boundary Edits & Introduction of Draft Project Goals

Stakeholder Action  Items

DUE March 1, 2021: Click the button below to download the draft Goals & Objectives for the project. Work within your organization to review and provide suggested revisions for the  Group to consider; edits will be worked into a final draft for the March 11 meeting. Please email one set of revisions from your organization to

November 12, 2020

Project Kickoff & Review of Tasks Funded by SNC

Stakeholder Action  Items

DUE December 31, 2020:  Use the tools below to investigate the proposed project boundary.  To suggest revisions to the draft boundary please use the boundary edits submission form below. If you have additional needs or technical difficulties please contact the project manager.

Meeting Presentations

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